Mar. 28th, 2011

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This one requires a lot of context so allow me to elaborate:

As you may have learned we had riots in London by a tiny, mindless minority of extremist fucktards (Yes, I have little respect for anarchists) after a peaceful protest of between 250,000-400,000 trade unionists, students, families etc opposing the government's cuts.

This strip illustrates the contrast which is the political/social damage being inflicted on government institutions.

Now to identify the masked rapscallions:

Heavy-set fellow in the bottom-left corner: Secretary of State for Local Government - Eric Pickles
Holding the 'Indignity or Death' sign: Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills - Vince Cable
The fat-cat: Self Explantory
In front of said cat: Health Minister Andrew Lansley
Holding the bar: Secretary of State for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport - Jeremy Hunt
Jumping up and down: Secretary of State for Education - Michael Gove
Sobbing on the pavement: Foreign Secretary - William Hague
Hurling missiles: Secretary of State for Defence - Dr Liam Fox
Spraypainting: Chancellor of the Exchequer (Economic Policy) - George Osborne
Filling the bottles: Liberal Democrat Under-Secretary to the Treasury - Danny Alexander

Finally, you can guess the one I haven't mentioned is the Prime Minister.

Sorry for being verbose and whatnot but it's the best way to get the context churned out.


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