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Still, and always.


Yes, it is SO a cartoon. And now that I've got your attention...

Eighteen more pics and an embedded video under the cut.

eighteen more pics and an embedded video )
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Language warning. Really interesting from 8:51 onward, but I'm pretty skeptical. Video link corrected.

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On Monday night's Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, David Tennant answered the call, but the Doctor was unhelpful. (Video is six minutes and forty-four seconds, and contains profanity.)

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"In a recent sketch on “Saturday Night Live,” Hillary Clinton (portrayed by Kate McKinnon) slowly adopts Bernie Sanders’ appearance and platform in a desperate attempt to appeal to young voters."

Poor Marco!

Feb. 9th, 2016 03:51 pm
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Mario Rubio was challenged and corrected on some misinformation by a gay New Hampshire voter on the campaign trail on Monday.

Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio, in an exchange with a gay New Hampshire resident today, showed a lack of historical knowledge and got accused of wanting to put LGBT people back in the closet.

Rubio was campaigning today at the Puritan Backroom diner in Manchester, where Timothy Kierstead asked him, “Why do you want to put me back in the closet?” according to The New York Times, which cited press pool reports. Rubio responded, “I don’t. You can live any way you want.”

Kierstead pointed out that he’s a gay man in a same-sex marriage, and said Rubio’s opposition to equal marriage rights shows the U.S. senator from Florida thinks gay people don’t matter. Rubio said, “No, I just believe marriage is between one man and one woman.”

When Kierstead said, “That’s your belief,” and noted that half the nation disagrees, Rubio replied, “I think that’s what the law should be. And if you don’t agree, you should have the law changed by a legislature.” As Rubio prepared to move on, Kierstead noted that the law already has changed [by the New Hampshire legislature]. He could have been referring to the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision last year or to the fact that New Hampshire’s marriage law was indeed changed by its legislature to include same-sex couples — back in 2009. And in 2012 the legislature rejected an effort to repeal marriage equality.

Kierstead told reporters afterward that he's a Manchester restaurant owner, a father of three, and a registered independent voter. He will vote in the Democratic primary Tuesday because of Republican opposition to marriage equality, he said. “They want to take my rights away as a citizen of the United States,” he said of Republicans.

It wasn’t the only gay-related conversation Rubio had in the diner, the Times reports. Another patron asked him if U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who recently dropped out of the Republican presidential race, is gay. Rubio chuckled and said no, according to the Times.

The Human Rights Campaign, in a blog post about Rubio’s exchange with Kierstead, stressed that Rubio is staunchly opposed to LGBT rights. He has said he would appoint Supreme Court justices who would reverse the marriage equality ruling and has voiced support for the First Amendment Defense Act, which would allow broad exemptions from antidiscrimination law if the discrimination is based on religious or moral objections to same-sex marriage.

“Let’s dispense with this fiction that Marco Rubio is a moderate. He knows exactly what he’s doing when he telegraphs his desire to allow discrimination in last week’s debate, and then tells a married gay man to have the legislature vote on his constitutional rights," JoDee Winterhof, HRC’s senior vice president for policy and political affairs, said in the post. “Marco Rubio’s so-called ‘New American Century’ is one in which LGBT people are treated like second-class citizens, where they remain at risk for being fired or denied a job because of who they are or who they love, and where they could lose the right to get married. He’s threatened to revoke, repeal, and overturn the gains made on LGBT equality during President Obama’s two terms in office. Rubio would be a disaster for LGBT Americans, plain and simple.”

Watch a portion of Rubio’s conversation with Kierstead in the video below, from American Bridge 21st Century, and find more Rubio faux pas caught on camera here.


Video of the exchange:

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The debate is being broadcast live on CNN, starting 8:30 PM. CNN will also make the debate available on their website (no login required), as well as on CNNgo.
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A great Jonathan Pie video; heads up- it is satire, and NSFW language.

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Though something called the "death tax" sounds ominous, Bill Maher explained on "Real Time" why taxing inherited wealth is actually a good thing. Namely, he just called out some kids who will inherit fortunes for being "entitled jerks." Maher's outrageous examples include Kylie Jenner texting while driving after Bruce Jenner's deadly accident; and Paris Hilton's brother Conrad Hughes Hilton III needing to be restrained on a flight.

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Clips will not embed, but video is at the official website. Mr. Wilmore's opening comedy bit covers the University of Michigan's list of words it would like see removed from conversations that could be considered possibly offensive (e.g. "illegal alien," "ghetto").

The panel discussion afterwards was interesting, and included Lizz Winstead [most interesting panelist, I think] (who help create The Daily Show and founder of Lady Parts Justice, a national movement using humor & outrage to expose bodily autonomy-hating local and state politicians), Maz Jobrani, an Iranian-American comedian and actor, John Avlon, editor of The Daily Beast, and Nick DiPaolo, a stand-up comic [least interesting on the panel]). It dove-tails with Chris Rock's comments that he doesn't want to include college campuses on his tours because they're too conservative now. But not necessarily in a political way:

Not in their political views -- not like they’re voting Republican -- but in their social views and their willingness not to offend anybody. Kids raised on a culture of “We’re not going to keep score in the game because we don’t want anybody to lose.” Or just ignoring race to a fault. You can’t say “the black kid over there.” No, it’s “the guy with the red shoes.” You can’t even be offensive on your way to being inoffensive.

Panel discussion will not embed, but the video can be viewed at the official website.

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Fran Lebowitz elaborates on Rudy Giuliani's history of racism in New York City's mayor;
and its factor in his recent comments regarding President Obama.

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Christine Weick is Internet famous for her video showing a link to Monster Drinks and Satanism and the Antichrist.

In the video, the woman claims that "M" logo could appear to resemble three instances of the letter Vav, the Hebrew numeral for six, interpreting the logo to mean "666." Later, she references Monster's slogan on a product banner reading "Unleash the Beast," interpreting these two examples as Monster Energy intending to reference "the beast" in the Book of Revelations. "This is not a Christian company at all. So why would they have a cross on the can? here is the message: Anti-christ." The woman claims that a cross in the letter "O" of Monster resembles a crucifix, and says that when the can is held is upside-down when drinking, the symbol in inverted. She believes that this inverted crucifix is meant to symbolize Satanism. "Bottom's up. And the devil laughs," the woman said in the video. "This is how clever Satan is and how he gets into the Christian home and a Christian's life."

On January 30, there was an annual rally at the Texas State Capital, attended by hundreds Texan Muslims. They had speeches, and sang the United States national anthem. But they were hassled by a group of protestors who were trying to interrupt speakers at the rally. Some of the signs they were carrying:

Here is a video clip of Christine Weick interrupting the rally, and saving Texas for Jesus:

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Black people have to FLY to where the White man can WALK to.

Chris Rock just wrote a very blistering editorial about this issue.

In the aftermath of some pretty embarrassing E-mails in the Sony hacking incident (e.g. several E-mails released show less than enlightened speculation on the sorts of movies President Obama and his family would like to see), and the demographics of some of Sony's top executives (they're mostly white men), Chris Rock used that a launching point for having an honest conversation about racism in Hollywood, with particular focus on Latinos.

Now, when it comes to casting, Hollywood pretty much decides to cast a black guy or they don't. We're never on the "short list." We're never "in the mix." When there's a hot part in town and the guys are reading for it, that's just what happens. It was never like, "Is it going to be Ryan Gosling or Chiwetel Ejiofor for Fifty Shades of Grey?" And you know, black people f—, too. White women actually want to f— black guys, sometimes more than white guys. More women want to f— Tyrese than Jamie Dornan, and it's not even close. It's not a contest. Even Jamie would go, "OK, you got it."

Or how about True Detective? I never heard anyone go, "Is it going to be Amy Adams or Gabrielle Union?" for that show. I didn't hear one black girl's name on those lists. Not one. Literally everyone in town was up for that part, unless you were black. And I haven't read the script, but something tells me if Gabrielle Union were Colin Farrell's wife, it wouldn't change a thing. And there are almost no black women in film. You can go to whole movies and not see one black woman. They'll throw a black guy a bone. OK, here's a black guy. But is there a single black woman in Interstellar? Or Gone Girl? Birdman? The Purge? Neighbors? I'm not sure there are. I don't remember them. I go to the movies almost every week, and I can go a month and not see a black woman having an actual speaking part in a movie. That's the truth.

But forget whether Hollywood is black enough. A better question is: Is Hollywood Mexican enough? You're in L.A, you've got to try not to hire Mexicans. It's the most liberal town in the world, and there's a part of it that's kind of racist — not racist like "F— you, nigger" racist, but just an acceptance that there's a slave state in L.A. There's this acceptance that Mexicans are going to take care of white people in L.A. that doesn't exist anywhere else. I remember I was renting a house in Beverly Park while doing some movie, and you just see all of the Mexican people at 8 o'clock in the morning in a line driving into Beverly Park like it's General Motors. It's this weird town.

You're telling me no Mexicans are qualified to do anything at a studio? Really? Nothing but mop up? What are the odds that that's true? The odds are, because people are people, that there's probably a Mexican David Geffen mopping up for somebody's company right now. The odds are that there's probably a Mexican who's that smart who's never going to be given a shot. And it's not about being given a shot to greenlight a movie because nobody is going to give you that — you've got to take that. The shot is that a Mexican guy or a black guy is qualified to go and give his opinion about how loud the boings are in Dodgeball or whether it's the right shit sound you hear when Jeff Daniels is on the toilet in Dumb and Dumber. It's like, "We only let white people do that." This is a system where only white people can chime in on that. There would be a little naivete to sitting around and going, "Oh, no black person has ever greenlighted a movie," but those other jobs? You're kidding me, right? They don't even require education. When you're on the lower levels, they're just about taste, nothing else. And you don't have to go to Harvard to have taste.

Mr. Rock's recent movie, Top Five, was largely financed by himself and Jay Z, and Barry Diller's production company. Bloomberg's Business Week agrees that Hollywood isn't fair to African American movies or stars.

Chris Rock has made a career of being blunt, particularly about race. So when he wrote in the Hollywood Reporter last week that the movie business is “a white industry,” his appraisal was familiarly provocative. And by most measures, his remark was also right.

Black films account for a tiny fraction of big studios’ output. Budgets tend to be small, and distribution is limited largely to domestic theaters. Rock’s new film, Top Five, which opens in wide release this weekend, features a mostly black cast and isn’t mainly about race. Those kinds of films are rarely made by large Hollywood studios. Top Five was produced by Barry Diller’s IAC Films.

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Newsroom interview about Climate Change

While the interview is fictional, the information contained in it is not. A lot of the fictional EPA official's information was based on a study co-conducted by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. When the fictional EPA official stated that people alive today would likely die from catastrophic planetary failure, that was based a real analysis of data.

Although the study based on HANDY is largely theoretical - a 'thought-experiment' - a number of other more empirically-focused studies - by KPMG and the UK Government Office of Science for instance - have warned that the convergence of food, water and energy crises could create a 'perfect storm' within about fifteen years. But these 'business as usual' forecasts could be very conservative.


But unlike the ACN interview, the NASA report does offer a faint glimmer of hope:

Collapse can be avoided and population can reach equilibrium if the per capita rate of depletion of nature is reduced to a sustainable level, and if resources are distributed in a reasonably equitable fashion.


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