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Condi_Rice Sums UP the GOP

Bitterness - like the GOP feels about an increasingly secular government?

Anger- like the GOP gets when anyone suggests that allowing same-sex marriage is only fair?

Entitled- like the 1% feels when anyone questions how they got to be the 1%?

Owed something - like said 1% feels they are owed a right to remain insanely wealthy at the expense of workers rights and welfare?

Road to nowhere - like the GOP will be on until they ditch the Tea Party?

(Note: this has not been fact-checked, nor is it technically a cartoon. I just found on a very Tea Party-ish friends' Facebook page and it made me instantly furious).

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Since I get the feeling most of you are Americans, and I have no idea how much anything that goes on in Toronto is repoted outside of it:

Toronto's current Mayor recently ordered a report of ways to save money in the budget, which included things like cutting the fluoridation of the water, scrapping the late-night bus routes, and closing down 10% of our library system.

They then announced a city council meeting, asking people to come and have 5 minutes to deputize. 280 people came (though a good portion of them later went home); the meeting ran all night, for approximately 22 hours. The above video is extremely sarcastic.


Jul. 5th, 2011 09:40 am
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This is an excerpt from Marc Maron's excellent "WTF" podcast, episode 14 with Steve Agee and Troy Conrad. Enjoy a nice little laugh at the expense of libertarians.

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Hey again.

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It seems the news has moved on to the WikiLeaks story. Admittedly, I have, too. But I needed to get the following strip out of my system.

We Won't Fly on Opt-Out Day
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Because really, the original cover simply wasnt menacing enough.
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I was only hoping that all the noisy nut jobs in the news were proving the point:
A wise man stays silent and appears a fool; a fool opens his mouth and removes all doubt. 

Then I sat at the entrance of Walmart people watching.  79%:  fat, lazy, stupid.  I am so
embarrassed to live here at times.  We should be so grateful for the slight majority of us that
at least rejected the beauty queen of lazy & not-too-bright..  Intellectuals must unite to save us!
Stupidity=fear=violence.   Brains over brawn! 

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...chasovschik mentioned in the comments that the Kennedy family has long opposed the Cape Wind project in Nantucket. Projects like this are of great interest to me (and was discussed of a recent episode of NPR's To The Point), so I thought I'd post this 2007 Daily Show report on the subject.

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