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Trump All the Way!

Did anyone bother to ask, "All the way to where"?

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Easy Street Small-town USA

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Rafael Cruz

May. 3rd, 2016 08:56 pm
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The context: Earlier today, Donald Trump asked the question why Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz, was photographed with Lee Harvey Oswald (according to the National Enquirer)

The New York Daily News print edition cover for tomorrow that also has stories about Donald Trump's victory in the Indiana primary; and Ted Cruz withdrawing as a Republican candidate.

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With the exception of law enforcement, guns will not be allowed by the Secret Service at the Republican National Convention.

The Secret Service on Monday quashed the hopes of gun rights advocates who were pushing for the open carry of firearms to be allowed at this summer's Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

An online petition in support of the effort rapidly gained signatures and attention in the past week, applying pressure to pro-gun Republican officials and presidential contenders to walk the walk when it comes to guns. But on Monday, the Secret Service said that only law enforcement personnel will be allowed to carry firearms at the event.

Source: Secret Service: We’re not allowing firearms at the Republican National Convention
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New York City officials have removed a tombstone bearing Donald Trump’s name from Central Park. The mysterious artifact was discovered in the park’s Sheeps Meadow area on Sunday and was subsequently removed overnight, according to multiple reports.The tombstone featured the GOP presidential front-runner’s name inscribed in stone beneath a cross. The faux-memorial also listed Trump’s birth year of 1946, but it did not specify a year of death for the outspoken billionaire. “Make America Hate Again,” the monument’s epitaph read, a twist on Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.

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This "Confessions of a Republican" ad from the 1964 presidential election is going viral, thanks to its uncanny relevance to Donald Trump and his 2016 presidential campaign. Snopes wrote about the ad in a recent piece, and provided some historical context, and rated it 'true.'

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I guess the horse is still in the race:

“The literal symbol of America doesn’t attack me on sight.  Checkmate, Trump!”

sauce: http://pixelkitties.tumblr.com/post/134924552626/the-literal-symbol-of-america-doesnt-attack-me

video of Trump with eagle because AMERICA: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153727050783851
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[NOTE: I feel the need to clarify something. When I posted this last week, there were still a lot of questions and head scratching going on about who the San Bernardino shooters were, the nature of their motivations, etc. Information was beginning to trickle in, but at that point, terrorism was still only one possible explanation for the tragedy. Since then, a lot of things have become much more clear, not the least of which is that the shooters were definitely terrorists. AT THE TIME I posted this, however, this was not yet an established fact. For all most of us knew then, the shootings could have been workplace-related, completely random, or who the hell knows what else. My comments in this post, as well as the coverage in the NY Daily News coverage that inspired them, were based on what was known THEN, not what we have learned since that time.]

GOP presidential candidates offer prayers — not solutions on gun control — after San Bernardino massacre

Saying someone or something is "in our prayers" is all well and good; I don't personally object to statements of that nature in themselves. However, as this front page points out, they are not a substitute for actually ADDRESSING the problem.

The NRA must really have the GOP by the short hairs, to judge from the way they all seem to be too terrified to even take a STAND about the gun problem in this country, much less actually DO anything. It's sickening.

P.S. From what I'm seeing on TV as I post this, Republicans--including some of those quoted here--are now trying to deflect this into being a "terrorism" issue rather than a "gun control" issue. Good luck with that, you lily-livered ass clowns.


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