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Kafka for president

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Who is Donald Drump?

Smiley face
Illustration: Chloe Bulpin / mbg creative

Donald Trump in Complete Firefly Pose 4 link

And here is the competition..

yoga pants

GOP Candidates bend over and expose their rump for Donald Drump

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Okay, so this first one is a little old, from before the Faux Noise debate, but it still cracks me up.

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I think the forked tongue on the car is a nice touch!

Bonus Question )

After a little research, I have decided that no. 2 is Dale Christensen--I think, lol.

That was fun--thanks for all your help, and thanks for playing! :-D
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I'd replace one of the squares with 'Benghazi' because it needs some conspiracy theory stuff. This would also be a great list for a drinking game, but I'd like to have a few moments of sobriety before the end of 2024.

hillary Bingo
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"Michele Bachmann went on national TV this week to tell the world that the HPV vaccine could render women "retarded." Here's Funny or Die's response, which is apt, because while it's funny that Bachmann is such an ignoramus, women who get cancer because they believe her might die. Get it? Funny or die."

(Found the video on BoingBoing.)


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