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Superman 75th Anniversary 55-foot 'Super Trump' flies into Times Square Sep 14, 2016

15 Oct 2013 only 3 years later...

Able to jump higher than his tallest buildings. Trump tower!

Stronger than a locomotive, well, the Mexicans say he is "loco" and he has ulterior motives...

Faster than a speeding bullet.. (let's hope he never has to prove that one)

; P
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This is what Russian people think about Barack Obama and American politics.

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i'm eliminating my posts on politicartoons

i do not wish to argue with anyone..

peace love and spare me the politics

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i'm eliminating my posts on politicartoons

i do not wish to argue with anyone..

peace love and spare me the politics

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Everyone Knows When Hilary Gets In, Everybody Gonna Jump For Joy!

+18 to Vote )


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Goodnight Democracy!

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said this morning that “The other night’s debate was a good night for democracy.”
But I think what she really meant was, “Good night, democracy.”

Speech is Free

" If speech is free why can't I afford it? "

Luck has nothing to do with it.

Leonard Cohen - Democracy

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Vote for "The Man"

65% of Americans prefer Putin for President!

The Russian president is currently polling at 65 %, with Trump at 21 % and Clinton at 14 % with over
5,000 votes cast. The poll asked “Who do you want to be the next President of the United States?” link

You're Going to Get Screwed Anyway, It Might As Well Be By A Pro! Vote Ron Jeremy

Christy Turlington by Patrick Demarchelier

Bambouche Vanguard Squad Man

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] musicdawn at Bambouche - Vanguard Squad Main Title Theme - 2005 Jazz Hip Hop 45

; )

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Let's put words in his mouth... and figure things out!

Everything this man says sounds like bad lip reading...

; )

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Forget About the Apprentice! Here Is REality TV "American Dreams Gone Wild!"

The Trump Card

One time loser of the Apprentice! NBC eat your heart out!

The Trump Card : Yes, Here is the New Trump Reality Show - American Dreams Gone Wild !! Starring none other than Donald Trump!

Real America

Both of these types of propaganda calls for individualistic thinking and good actors. These individualistic thinking and actions cause Americans
to develop predatory business practices. These distinct thoughts can be morally good or bad according to what (corporate) society would define
it as. It is fact that American Dreams are about greed on a national scale. With musical accompaniment by:


from the Mary Stuart Show


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Context of Tuesday's results

In the North Carolina Senate race, state house speaker Thom Tillis beat Senator Kay Hagen by a margin of 1.7 percent, or about 48,000 votes. In the Kansas governor’s race, Governor Sam Brownback beat back challenger Paul Davis by a margin of 2.8 percent, or less than 33,000 votes. In Virginia, Senator Mark Warner eked out a victory over challenger Ed Gillespie by only 0.6 percent of the vote, or just over 12,000 votes. The Florida governor’s race was decided by only a 1.2 percent margin, with Governor Rick Scott narrowly beating former Governor Charlie Crist by just under 72,000 votes.


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Please let me know if this has been posted yet and I will zap away zap zap.
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This is my first post to the community, BTW. Just some drunk Photoshop.


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