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To Some of You, This May Seem Like Old News...

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Question: How can Joe Average (that's me) distinguish the Movie from the Agenda?

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All we want is the truth.


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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] realistromantic at Возможна ли полная безопасность? О стратегическом паритете и господстве — 2

Little Feat - Rocket In My Pocket (Waiting for Columbus, March, 1978)

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I'd replace one of the squares with 'Benghazi' because it needs some conspiracy theory stuff. This would also be a great list for a drinking game, but I'd like to have a few moments of sobriety before the end of 2024.

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Given the recent ruling on free speech and buffer zones, I've noticed a bit of a ramp-up in Christian protestors who seem fine with bringing their battle to gay events.

A few weeks ago, at the Folsom East Street Fair in New York, someone protesting with a sign from the Highline Park (see photo below). The sign read "Jesus Saves from Hell." Usually such protests aren't allowed from the vantage point of New York City parks, and if you're blocking pedestrian traffic, the NYPD has no reluctance telling someone to move, which is what happened here I believe, this person was gone after an hour.

The protestor was heckled a bit by some MCs on the stage, but nothing major happened. I was more surprised the protestor knew about Folsom East, and its location. While it's no secret, it's mostly advertised in gay publications in New York and word of mouth. But I Googled around and lo and behold, I found a website encouraging protests with an article "NYC Folsom Street Homosexual Perversion". In an effort to manipulate the city from granting a permit, the website suggests the street fair has hundreds of nude men (LOL I WISH!) and public sex. It doesn't.

Meanwhile in Seattle: On Sunday a group of Christian protesters disrupted the start of Seattle's gay pride parade and got in the face of local drag star Mama Tits, who was not having it. The drag queens formed a wall and blocked the protestors. The protestors may have a right to free speech, but don't expect some push-back either and a dose of their own medicine.


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