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Death Of The Skeksis Emperor

Skeksis Emperor

Good Riddance! Bad Rubbish. We can now take your debt slavery out of circulation.

; )

World Rejoice!

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"Marriage of Heaven and Hell where Little Green Men Land off the coast of New York!" 1996

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What? )

Mr. & Ms. Monebags The Marriage of Money and Real Estate...

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Meanwhile in California, Stanford does something to change the game:

More about this at Vox.
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When workers don't make enough money in a consumer-based economy, this is what happens. When they make enough money they buy things and keep the economy afloat. This is NOT trickle-down economics--it's the opposite, and it truly works.
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Also, great food. If we can copy the Baltic states, as Jeff is always saying, why can't we copy Denmark?
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Pope Francis, in the heart of Rome’s fanciest shopping district, prayed on Sunday that the poor are never forgotten. His appearance at the foot of the Spanish Steps follows a papal tradition of public prayer before a statue representing Mary on Dec. 8, a church holiday honoring the mother of Jesus.

Pope Francis has been a vocal advocate for the poor and downtrodden, attacking the current economic state of the world which has the potential to foster inequality. He criticized "unfettered capitalism" in his apostolic exhortation "Evangelii Gaudium," and will be leading a worldwide wave of prayer for the hungry on Dec. 10th, Human Rights Day.

HONY is a website of human studies photography by Brandon Stanton, that puts a real focus on the subject's personal story, and not all of them are warm and fuzzy.

I'm trying to get out of my brokeness."
"Why are you broke?"
"I was born broke. Nobody ever gave me anything. Nobody ever bought me anything. But I made it hard on myself too. I left school. I left home. I threw all my stuff in the street and left."
"Why'd you do that?"
"My feelings were hurt. Nobody ever cared about me. Nobody ever said: 'Charlie, what's wrong?' They said, 'Shut up, Charlie. We've got our own problems.'"

When this was published on Facebook, someone commented:

We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty."
Mother Teresa.
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Since the average CEO now makes $380 times the wage of the average worker, if you want to modernize The Great Gatsby, don't just show the rich exploiting the poor, show the rich eating them. Yes, a new version of The Great Gatsby opened today, a fond look back at a gilded age when the very rich ran their big pretty cars right over the very poor. And that was supposed to make you sad — for the rich, or the car, I can't quite remember. But the point is, Gatsby isn't really accurate for today, because the wealth gap now is so much more profound than it was even in the 1920s.

The average "sales" associate at Walmart makes $8.81 an hour. While the six heirs to the Walmart fortune are worth $90 billion (audience gasps) — the same as the bottom 130 million Americans. Yes, the have-nots are getting a lot have-nottier. And not just at Walmart. 1 in 4 Americans makes less than $10 an hour. 146 million, about half the country, do not have enough to meet basic needs. And I say if you don't want to pay people, just go all the way and do what we do here in Hollywood, and call them "interns".

Look at fast food jobs. It used to be they were the extra jobs our kids would do to earn money for gas and weed. So they weren't using up all of mom and dad's. Adults worked actual jobs. But now, the economy is such that the fast food jobs are the actual jobs. The median age of a fast food worker is now 28. At the end of the order, they say, "Do you want one of my kids with that?"

And they're the lucky ones. There's now a web service called SeekingArrangement.com that matches rich men with cash-strapped college girls. He provides tuition money, and she provides "companionship". It's one hand washing the other — only in the case of one of the hands, it's a penis. (grossed out audience laughter)

Or Google the words "McDonald's prostitute", and you'll see stories about women being arrested for offering sex in exchange for a Happy Meal. Google "self surgery", and you'll see people operating on themselves, because they have no health care. Families are literally eating cat food. I mean, something is really not right when the kids hear the can opener, and start rubbing themselves against your shin.

And the older kids? 42% of recent college grads live in the houses they grew up in, because they cannot afford rent anywhere else. And it's really creepy when you're a co-ed trolling for a sugar daddy on SeekingArrangement.com, and you get an IM from your actual dad downstairs saying, "Damnit, honey, I'm already paying your rent!" There was a story recently about a Georgia man whose home was in foreclosure, savings running out. So he called 911, and when the responders arrived, he took them hostage. His demand? Getting his electricity turned back on. Now I'm not saying that's a smart approach, but squeezing people economically so tight, that they go all Django Unchained, that's not smart either.

If you're rich, you should be begging the government to redistribute your wealth. 'Cause you know what happens in countries where there's a huge disparity between the rich and the poor? The rich get kidnapped. It happens 72 times a day in Mexico. Getting snatched out of your car is so common in South Africa, that they actually make cars that do this.

(shocked audience reaction)

Do you really think your trophy wife is going to empty out the Swiss bank account to save your sorry ass? I'm talking to you, Donald Trump! hink about it. And remember, the difference between a mosquito and a hedge fund manager, is a mosquito will stop sucking blood before it explodes.
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On the Evaporation of America's Anticipated "Peace Dividend"

There initially was a "peace dividend", starting in 1990. But as this article discusses, it evaporated in the wake of the Al Qaeda attacks in 2001: See: Defense spending in the U.S., in four charts
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"Death" Pays a Visit to Baltimore
"Occupy Baltimore" Protest,Inner Harbor,Oct 8,2011
NOTE:Mitt Romney has made it clear that he would make the repeal of "Obamacare"
a top priority if he is elected.

Deja Vu

Jan. 25th, 2010 11:22 pm
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Obama / McCain debates, October 2008:
MCCAIN: How about a spending freeze on everything but defense, veteran affairs and entitlement programs. ... I think we ought to seriously consider with the exceptions the caring of veterans national defense and several other vital issues.

OBAMA: The problem with a spending freeze is you're using a hatchet where you need a scalpel. There are some programs that are very important that are under funded.
Obama, January 2010:
President Obama plans to announce a three-year freeze on discretionary, “non-security” spending in the lead-up Wednesday's State of the Union address, Hill Democratic sources familiar with the plan tell POLITICO.


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