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Oh, that stupid donkey! Trying to monkey wrench the gears of progress! Ah, but is he?

Wait... four meshed gears?!

He's just given up trying to fix something that can't work anyhoo, not with some serious three-dimensional design changes (which he knows won't be coming from an administration that denies science).

Addendum: Wait, no "science" or "anti-science" tag?
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This is not a joke (in the usual sense of the word); it's a real item that can be purchased on line at Pres. Voldemort J. Assmonkey's store for $149.

Unfortunately for him, this ridiculous piece of ostentatious self-aggrandizement "tasteful" trinket (made of brass and finished in 24 karat gold!) is also available at Amazon. Which is where the hilarity comes in....
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I think it can be a lot of fun to see what different cartoonists have done with the same theme; in this case, Trump's infamous hat.

Some of them are fairly obvious:

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On Monday night's Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, David Tennant answered the call, but the Doctor was unhelpful. (Video is six minutes and forty-four seconds, and contains profanity.)

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...Oh, and mods? Can we get a Samantha Bee tag, please?


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