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Stephen Harper's scream

There has been precious little coverage about a massive shift to the left in Canada's most conservative region. If Canada has an equivalent to Texas, that would likely be Alberta, notoriously, dependability and consistently conservative. The recent election has ended a 44 year overwhelming conservative run in the provincial parliament. Alberta is the home province for Stephen Harper and many conservative leaders in the Canadian federal government. One political commentator wistfully noted commented on the election results: "Pigs do fly!" And the election has led to several to retire completely out of politics, including Alberta's Premier Jim Prentice, a former member of Tory Prime Minister Stephen Harper's cabinet. Rachel Notley, candidate for New Democratic Party (NDP), will be the new premier. I believe the policies of the NDP are pretty similar to what you find in moderately left parties.
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Steven Harper sells Canadian Wheat Board to Saudis

and Canadian farmers down the river

Photo of Prime MInister Steven Harper with unidentified Saudi, captioned by Geoffrey Dow: 'Ready, aye, ready!' Canadian Prime Minister sells Canadian farmers to Saudi Arabia.

More info at The Winnipeg Free Press.

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Alberta's economy not doing so well now that oil's cheap.

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Canada's Senators are appointed for life by the Prime Minister. It's a bit like the US Supreme Court, except we have 105 of these appointees. Recently, some very big discrepancies have been discovered in senator expenses.

NDP wants the Senate abolished, Liberals want the Senate regulated, and the ruling Conservatives want the Senate elected (but without amending the Constitution).
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Canadians can cancel their wireless contracts after two years under new CRTC code of conduct

(I'm not a fan of our Bell/Telus/Rogers oligopoly. We don't have Verizon/AT&T because of various "Buy Canadian" provisions, but the homegrown behemoths are not exactly affordable.)
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So, Mayor Rob Ford got a fresh clean haircut, Globe & Mail published an 8-page expose alleging Rob Ford's brother and current city councillor Doug Ford was a wholesale hashish dealer in the 1980s, and the Gawker Crackstarter has reached its $200,000 fundraising goal. Whee.

/r/toronto is a very exciting place these days

Mike Duffy

May. 17th, 2013 10:36 am
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Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Chief of Staff gave $90,000 as a gift to a Senator being audited for improper expense claims, allowing the audit to end early. Senator Mike Duffy has since resigned [from the Conservative caucus and now sits as an Independent].
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I originally came to post this because I assumed it was a fake, but there's a quote from Hudak defending this:

“The notion that Dalton McGuinty thinks a priority in education is sex-education curriculum starting at Grade 1 when they should be learning their ABCs and how to tie their shoes is another example of how Dalton McGuinty has lost touch with mainstream Ontario.”

The best part is how non-contextual these quotes are. The kissing booth quote is for grades 7-12 and "in the booth, students and staff are greeted by students who place a stamp of a kiss on their cheek and a few chocolate kisses in their hand".

This is just days after the National Post ran this ad:

This is almost so badly-designed to be funny, but the real humour is that the National Post [a well-known right-wing paper] apologized for it - and then the next day Toronto's largest tabloid the Toronto Sun ran it as well, and have yet to apologize.

(If anyone was still thinking of Canada as this wonderful place where everyone is accepted, hopefully this has cured you of that.)

[Edited to fix the image URL]
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Since I get the feeling most of you are Americans, and I have no idea how much anything that goes on in Toronto is repoted outside of it:

Toronto's current Mayor recently ordered a report of ways to save money in the budget, which included things like cutting the fluoridation of the water, scrapping the late-night bus routes, and closing down 10% of our library system.

They then announced a city council meeting, asking people to come and have 5 minutes to deputize. 280 people came (though a good portion of them later went home); the meeting ran all night, for approximately 22 hours. The above video is extremely sarcastic.
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Give the loose definition of "political cartoon" in these parts, I thought I'd post this:

And an interesting follow-up response to YouTube trolls:

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Context: Liberals under Chretien promised a National Childcare Program in 1993, partially delivered it in 2005, and campaigned on expanding it in 2006 under Martin. Conservatives under Harper cancelled it and replaced it with small monthly cheques to parents with kids under 6. Now, the Liberals under Iggy have released a new platform, yet again promising childcare funding.

The goal is to provide subsidized daycare spaces, allowing single mothers to enter the workforce as well as easing the load on working couples with children.

There is the subtext of Iggy recently hiring Peter Donolo as Chief of Staff. Donolo worked for Chretien and was one of the architects of the 1993 Red Book that swept the Liberals into office. Childcare was one of the planks in the Red Book.
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US government's Buy American policy is not great for Canadian manufacturing. While not going against the letter of NAFTA, it goes against the spirit. Part of the scope of Harper's recent visit to Washington was to lean on US lawmakers to strike the clause down.

Google News | harper buy american

Cartoon from the Toronto Metro.


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